Consultancy, Media and Performance Art


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Consultant, Media and performance artist Jeisson Drenth works on a wide range of different projects that -all in their own unique way- explore the possibilities and limitations of technologies for people to shape their past, present and future.


In the years after finishing his studies at the Willem de Kooning Academy (Rotterdam, 2015) he worked internationally as a live video artist and designer for M_HKA (Museum of Modern Art, Antwerp), Together Festival (Boston), Vision (Berlin, Ghent), Amsterdam Dance Event and Reaktor (Amsterdam), Draaimolen (Tilburg), Museum TENT (Rotterdam) Atlas Electronic (Rotterdam, Marrakesh), NEXUS Europe Summit (Rotterdam), Untitled (Toronto) and La Bacchanale (Montréal).

As his studio transformed into a space that critically brings together a growing amount of creative disciplines including performance Jeisson set up his art practice.

     His first solo-exhibition (2019) presented his research into the rise of commercial DNA-testing companies and the ethical considerations around genetic selection and genetic modification - specifically from a perspective of queerness and from his perspective as an adopted person with a history of migration.


In 2020 Jeisson started working as a consultant to advise cultural organisations on matters of diversity, inclusion and access. In line with this he articulated a new goal for his art practice which is to study image production techniques from an intersectional point of view.