design, live performance, media theory

[Workshop] Revisiting the Clubscreen


In this three-part workshop, artist and VJ Jeisson Drenth invites you to think about how we experience club culture through the relationship between music and moving images. By using his extensive experience as a VJ, Drenth will take you deeper into this entanglement between visual culture, electronic music and personal expression by collectively considering how we look for meaning in clubs, and how the technology we come across in these spaces can both enrich and limit our experience.


The second and third part of the workshop focus on making and sharing a series of 3, 4, 5 mins audiovisual performances (no experience required!). We pick tracks - maybe you brought a track? We make visuals together - maybe you brought something? We present/jam, playing around with lights, smoke, hardware and software, and learn as we listen and look collectively.


Note: This space is created to reconsider the clubscreen and the practice of partying focussing on ideas and human experience. The technology in the space is considered very much as a tool rather than a source of inspiration.


Already into visual art, design, music production, event production, vj-ing, dj-ing? Please come, share your skills and open up your practice. New to all this? We welcome everyone at any level!