The trailer I worked on for Reaktor Events' NYE production Era, is a sample-heavy file edited to Serena Butler's beautiful track 'OTO' and Stranger's 'Doorklapgabber'. It shows my first photogrammetry models created from pictures of different places in Montréal, Québec City and Musée de la civilisation's exhibition 'Cerveau à la folie', about the human brain.

I've sampled from my favourite stories about dystopian futures in which humans become more machine-like and technology has become increasingly human. Neon Genesis Evangelion, Akira, Ghost in the Shell and Blade Runner, all in their own way, explore morality, consciousness and the origin of life.

The process of working on this trailer was interesting in particular because of
the combination of urban exploring and photography, first trials with Photoscan, photogrammetry and Blender, and finally, mixing it with existing media content and editing everything to two reworked tracks.


The second edition of Era will take place December 31st at the national monument of the NDSM Warehouse, located on Amsterdam's waterfront.



Serena Butler - OTO (2016), Eerie

Stranger - Doorklapgabber (2016), Monnom Black


design, live performance, media theory