The second trailer I worked on for Reaktor Events announces two events that were held as a part of Amsterdam Dance Event 2017.
The Wall of Sound is a unique concept by DVS1 which he has been bringing to European clubs since 2015. Each year the artist collaborates with a different sound company to design an exclusive speaker setup that is positioned in the front of the room replacing the DJ booth. This unique setup allows for music to transform in physical energy and for the audience to experience it in a non-conventional way.


To visualise the tough, industrial, dark and ambiguous characteristics of the sounds that Reaktor consistently brings to Amsterdam, I've set up an archive of eclectic media content to work with. This string of content references different art practices, cultures and both exotic and mundane parts of human life. It con-cludes with a sample from Neil Blomkamp's mockumentary Yellow - one of seven short films created for Adidas to celebrate color, customization and personal expression.


Idealogue, RSA Films, & Blomkamp, N. (2006). Yellow.


design, live performance, media theory